犀利士 20mg 便宜有效的壯陽藥 印度犀利士學名藥 增硬助勃


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產品名稱 : 犀利士 20mg 便宜有效的壯陽藥 印度犀利士學名藥 增硬助勃



英文名稱 :Cialis 20 Tadalafil Tablets

中文名稱 :犀利士

生產藥廠 :Cipla 西普拉


犀利士規格 :每盒四片

犀利士成份 :他達拉非 Tadalafil 20mg

犀利士作用 :治療勃起困難,硬不久,硬度不足等陽痿現象,臨床醫學約80%陽痿患者有效果

犀利士時效 :每人代謝能力不同,臨床醫學最大藥效約2-17.5小時左右,最長約36小時,但多數人在2天後仍有少許效果在(涉及每人的代謝速度)

服用的方法 :於辦事前30-60分鐘服用,醫師通常建議初服用者吃10mg(半顆),依呈現效果視情況而增減劑量,唯一天最大劑量僅能20mg(1顆),且24小時內僅能服用一次

特別再提醒 :犀利士屬PDE5抑制劑,與威而鋼或樂威壯一樣,服用後必需有性刺激才會生效

安全有效期 :36個月

相似藥品: 犀利士5mg每日錠, 超級犀利士, 犀利士80mg雙效

犀利士禁忌 :







犀利士副作用 :副作用很低,少數有輕微臉紅、頭痛或消化不良,其他極少數的不良反應有背痛、肌痛等。副作用為輕度的。藥效成份在體內代謝完後恢復正常,對身體無任何傷害!切勿緊張!服用後覺得副作用過大,可多喝開水並稍走動走動加速代謝,並且於下次時降低劑量試試,,用最小的劑量若能達到"合適的效果",就是最佳劑量

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Briefly explain that Cialis 20mg, the ingredient content is mg of tadalafil, which is exactly the same as that sold in pharmacies or hospitals, but the price is sky-high. The maximum half-life of the drug is about 2-17.5 hours, and the longest drug effect is about 36 hours. Most people can still feel the effect after 2 days of taking it, regardless of diet, due to the long-acting characteristics, there is no time pressure, and you can do whatever you want

English name: Cialis 20 Tadalafil Tablets

Chinese name: Xilishi

Manufacturing pharmaceutical factory: Cipla

Where to buy Cialis

Cialis specifications: four pieces per box

Cialis Ingredients: Tadalafil 20mg

Cialis function: to treat impotence such as difficulty in erection, short-term hardening, insufficient hardness, etc. About 80% of impotence patients in clinical medicine are effective

Cialis aging: each person's metabolism is different, the maximum clinical medicine effect is about 2-17.5 hours, the longest is about 36 hours, but most people still have a little effect after 2 days (involving each person's metabolism speed)

How to take: Take it 30-60 minutes before doing business. Physicians usually recommend that first-time users take 10mg (half a tablet), and increase or decrease www.poxet.net the dose according to the actual situation. The maximum daily dose can only be 20mg (1 tablet), and 24 Can only be taken once in an hour

Special reminder: Cialis is a PDE5 inhibitor. Like Viagra or Leweizhuang, it will take effect only after taking it with sexual stimulation.

Safe period of validity: 36 months

Similar Drugs: Cialis 5mg Daily Tablets, Super Cialis, Cialis 80mg Double Action

Cialis taboo:

1. It is forbidden to mix with any form of nitrates.

2. Overdose is prohibited, the recommended maximum daily dose is 20mg.

3. People with heart disease and high blood pressure can use it, but the interval should be at least 4 hours. It is recommended to consult a doctor first.

4. After taking the medicine, if you have multiple erections or persistent erections during sexual intercourse, you can drink plenty of water and walk around to speed up metabolism.

5. People over the age of 65 are not recommended to take long-acting Cialis due to their slow metabolism and low frequency of sexual behavior. Perhaps short-acting drugs such as Viagra or Levizhuang are more suitable

6. It is not recommended to mix it with alcohol. Alcohol has the effect of dilating blood vessels, and Cialis also has the same effect. Taking it together may cause blood pressure to drop too quickly, leading to dizziness or fainting.

Cialis side effects: The side effects are very low, a few have mild blush, headache or indigestion, and other very few adverse reactions include back pain, myalgia, etc. Side effects are mild. The medicinal ingredients return to normal after being metabolized in the body, without any harm to the body! Don't be nervous! After taking it, you feel that the side effects are too great, you can drink more boiled water and walk a little to speed up the metabolism, and try to lower the dose next time, if you can achieve "appropriate effect" with the smallest dose, it is the best dose

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